About Us

As a pet lover and a proud pet parent to a wonderful dog, I feel that pets complete our lives in many ways.

In return for our love, care and shelter, dogs and other pets provide us with unbounded love and loyalty. The bond between humans and their pets is a beautiful relationship which when nurtured with care and affection can become fulfilling and satisfactory.

Pet care and grooming has reached new levels where there are a host of products from collars and leash to exclusive dog treats and dog foods, pet carriers, and beds, specialised fun toys, grooming and health products. The list is long and almost endless.

Why a one-stop solution for all varieties of pet care products and services?

Most dog/ pet owners spend a lot of time scouring the internet for pet products which makes life easier and better. Too much time is spent surfing for the most suitable and pet-friendly products and services, which could ideally be spent playing or cuddling with your pet. This website is an attempt to present the best pet-care products in the market, all available at one place, to make life easier and simpler.

Goals and Mission:

As a team, we are committed to providing to hygiene and health care solutions and tips, pet care supplies, products, and services. Most pet owners need to find reliable information and products to take care of their pets.

Our mission is to provide reliable and hassle-free ways of ordering products and services with the click of a button to make your life and that of your pets’ a little more easier and simpler. We are committed to providing the best possible pet care products and services available in the market today.

We try to understand the sensibilities and varied requirements of our readers. We are sincerely committed to providing a host of products and services that will help provide a clean and healthy environment for your pets, knowing how important they are to your life.

Our reviews and latest information and news in the world of pet care keeps into focus our commitment to provide reliable product information which enables our readers to make a healthy and apt purchase for their pets.

The Products and Services:

  • We offer products on pet health, general care, and grooming. The services we have on offer include local services for pet grooming, dog day care and dog walking.
  • We keep updating on the latest products on offer and provide unbiased reviews which can be helpful to make your purchasing decision.
  • Our product reviews are done with great detailing and research and are attuned to the experiences of other pet owners.

Queries and other Information:

We are happy to bring a wonderful line-up of products and services to the beautiful world of pets and pet parents/ owners. Your feedback and concerns will be much valued and appreciated because we do not take our responsibilities lightly and are keen to improve and improvise. For any queries, please do not hesitate to call us or drop in an e-mail.

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