The Best Gifts for Dog Owners THEY REALLY NEED – 2017

Giving gifts for dog owners, something handy and thoughtful for their pets is a sure-fire way of pleasing them.

There are a lot of gift options for pet owners from the unique handmade ones to useful gifts, fancy options to commonly available choices.

The gift options that we have lined up in this article are ones that will bring dog owners and their loyal pets a little closer.

After-all, the bond that dogs and their owners is special and everlasting.

Our lovely pets deserve all the love and care showered on them, in return for their wholehearted love and loyalty. The following products beds and carriers, are one unique way of giving pets their own comfortable space.

There is a whole array of dog beds and pet carriers in various sizes and styles, available in the market today. A dog bed is as important to your dog as what your bed means to you. So, it is important to choose a product that is immensely satisfying and comfortable to your pet, whether at home or during travel.

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer - Red / Black
  • Easily sets up and folds down for storage or transporting
  • Removable clear plastic cover for front door to protect your pet from weather
  • Mesh zippered front and back door for quick and easy loading/unloading

Aosom pet carrier is a great way of planning outdoor activities with your dog in tow.You can secure your dog inside the trailer with a leash, attach the whole carrier to your bike and go about your active lifestyle without any discomfort for you or your pet.

    • This carrier is made of lightweight steel frame and a weather resistant polyester support.
    • It has a zipped front opening and meshed windows.
    • It has a leash hook inside the trailer for pet protection.
    • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • It can hold a weight of 66lbs.

If you are looking for solid and reliable carrier/ trailer for your pet that is easy to handle and relatively hassle free, then the Aosom bike carrier is the one for you. Online portals like Amazon may offer the best price for this product.

  • Petsfit Booster seat:

Petsfit 29"Lx16"Wx14"H Booster Seat Large,Lookout Car...
  • Dimension:29"Lx16"Wx14"H, Please measure the size of your car seat, please check the SECOND...
  • Plush liner is Removable and machine washable, light smooth side for hot days, dark fluffy side...

If you are looking for a gift for dog owners as durable and comfortable seat for your pet during travel, the Petsfit booster seat may be an ideal choice for you. The Petsfit seats give a secure feeling to your pet by its sheer material, styling, and size variations.

  • The liners of the seat are removable and washable. Hence, they can be cleaned periodically.
  • The reversible lining is useful to keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The connection strap is adjustable and the seat can be fitted in the front or backseats of the car.
  • The tether can be attached to the pet harness to secure them during travel.
  • This is a car seat for small dogs and can hold a weight of up to 45 pounds.

The seat is a good gift for dog owners with the right combination of hard and soft lining which gives a sturdy and secure yet comfortable feel. These Petsfit car/ booster seats are available at a discount online in Amazon and other pet care product sites.

  • PetFusion:

PetFusion Ultimate Solid 4" Memory Foam Dog Bed for...
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: (i) SOLID 4 inch MEMORY FOAM base for superior overall comfort, reduced...
  • SMART DESIGN: (i) Base & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort. (ii) Water resistant &...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: (i) Removable cover is machine washable. (ii) Simple to spot clean & remove...

The PetFusion ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge in Premium edition with solid memory foam is an attractive, comfortable, and modern pet bed. It is easy to clean and simple to maintain and is a great affordable option available on the market today.

  • This is a product that is water and tear resistant.
  • It is easy to clean because the cover is removable and can be machine washed or vacuumed.
  • The covers can be replaced with other covers when damaged.
  • The bottom is skid-proof and hence gives a secure feel.
  • The bed can fit a dog of up to 80lbs and there are medium and bigger sized beds for the bigger breeds.

The zippers can be a little difficult at times and if your dog tends to jump and chew continuously, it may give in after sometime. However, it remains a much sought-after product because of its comfort, ease-of-use, and durability and can be bought at best prices online.

  • Dog Seat Covers for Cars, TaoTronics Pet Car Seat Covers, Dog Hammock, Slip-Proof, Waterproof:

Dog Seat Cover with Double Layer Waterproof, TaoTronics...
  • Fourfold Reinforced Slip-Proof DOG SEAT COVER: Grippy loop material on the back which tuck into...
  • Double Layer Waterproof and Reinforced Scratch-proof: heavy-weighted 4-layer design in...
  • Stain-proof PET SEAT COVER: Seat belt buckles opening and Velcro closure for it can prevent...

If you wish to travel with your dog in a car, there are always ways to avoid the backseat of your car from getting dirty or smelly. The TaoTronics car seat covers/ dog hammocks provide your pet a secure place to rest without the fear of slipping and you can enjoy a carefree ride.

The TaoTronics car seat covers are of premium quality and hence long-lasting.

  • This car seat is water-proof and slip-proof.
  • It is easy to clean and is washable.
  • This dog hammock is designed to withstand dogs chewing and is resistant to dog nails and paws.
  • The seat has seat belt buckles opening and a Velcro closure to secure you dogs with.

The seat cover is perfect for protecting the smooth leather seats of the car. Though the seams can give in, under rough usage, the product is a good value-for-money option tobuy cheap and best.

  • Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – walnut PVC – Indoor Bed – Cordura Fabric:

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed - Large (40x25) -...
  • High strength PVC frame supports up to 100 lbs. For heavier dogs, try the Kuranda All Aluminum...
  • Elevated/Raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and comfortable.
  • Easy to Clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.

The Kuranda dog beds are premium quality beds that work well as your pet’s exclusive cot. It is an Orthopaedic elevated, PVC-frame bed and can be assembled easily before use.

  • The Kuranda dog beds are durable.
  • They are easy to clean and are comfortable for your pet to rest.
  • These beds are chew-proof.
  • The bed can hold up to a weight of 125lbs.

However, the Kuranda beds are difficult to store and need a wrench, screw-driver, and other tools for assembly. The bed is available on discount at Amazon.


Travelling with your dog is no longer tough. The above products work well as great utilitarian gifts for dog owners. Whether you are backpacking, biking, or travelling in car, airplane or are just looking for a comfortable resting choice for your dog, the above-mentioned products fit the bill for comfort, durability, and best price.

So, it is best to read the product description and reviews to help you choose a suitable product.

Best Gifts for Dog Owners
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