Dog Carrier Sling Review | Best Prices and Quality – 2017

A pet owner always thinks of his/her pet’s welfare at all times.

Besides good food, exercise, toys to play, your pet needs to be cuddled, loved and made to feel secure. That is reason several pet owners rely on dog carrier to take their pets along with them practically everywhere.

There are several dog carriers in the market; some are cheap, some very fancy and expensive.

It is crucial that you choose a carrier that your pet feels comfortable to be in. Remember you can buy cheap dog carrier sling bags anywhere, but buying a quality bag at the best price is what matters for your dog’s safety.

In this section we will focus on dog carrier slings and why it is beneficial for you and your pet. 

Benefits of dog carrier slings

A dog carrier sling bag is pretty much like a baby sling bag; the dog is snugly inside the bag with its head at your torso level. This way the dog gets to see around it while all the time feeling secure that you are holding it safely.

Kangapooch Small Dog Carrier (M)
  • Constructed with comfort, portability and sustainability in mind. FOR DOGS UP TO 10 LBS.
  • ***Sizing is for the human wearing the KANGAPOOCH, not the dog size. ***
  • Sizing dimensions based on chest measurements: XS-28"-32" S-32"-36" M-36"-40" L-40"-44"...

Here are a very few benefits of a dog carrier sling:

  1. It keeps you Hands free: When you are out somewhere, you always have loads of things to carry, this makes carrying a dog carrier inconvenient for you and the dog. Besides that you may want one hand free to answer your phone. But with the sling you will not be hassled and your pet too will be comfortable.
  2. Bags can be claustrophobic: Many dogs don’t like to be confined to the small space of a bag; some may even be claustrophobic. But with the sling bags, they are held close to the owner’s chest which makes them feel secure.
  3. Happy pet: Most of the dogs like to see what is happening around them, especially when they are outside their space. The sling provides them that opportunity to look around while on the move without worrying about dangers lurking around any corners.

How to select the best dog carrier sling for your pet

Here are a few guidelines to purchase the best dog carrier sling for your pet.

    • Check the weight limit: Each carrier comes with a certain weight limit. Make sure you pick up one that is suitable for your pet’s weight. This is essential for the safety of the pet.
    • Check for back strap: It is ideal to look for a sling that comes with a back strap; this provides additional support to your back. This feature will help distribute the weight evenly and will not leave you with a sore back.

  • Check for zip: Dogs which have a habit of escaping need additional features like zips to prevent them from jumping out and running away.
  • Look out for breathable material: Since the dog will be snugly sitting in the sling bag for a period of time, it is important that the material is comfortable and breathable. Therefore, while selecting a sling bag always ensure that the bag is not made of synthetic material.
  • Additional pockets: If you are a pet owner who likes to carry several things for your pets, additional pockets on the sling bag will be useful.
  • Versatility in carrying: A sling bag that can be used for both front and back carrying will be helpful to those who like to carry their pets on their back sometimes.

Overall, you should always make sure that you are selecting a dog carrier sling bag that is comfortable for you and the dog.

Here we have reviewed the ultimate small dog carrier sling by Kangapooch. Designed by Chelsea Snyder this bag comes in various sizes ranging from M to XXL. The sling bag is ideal for small dogs less than 12 lbs. the size is based on the t-shirt size of the pet owner. 

Best features of the Kangapooch

  • Comfortable: The most important feature of any dog carrier sling is comfort for the owner and the dog. This sling from Kangapooch fits the bill perfectly. It is made from soft organic cotton and hence all the benefits that any cotton fabric has – breathable, doesn’t retain odors, ,low maintenance and easily washable.
  • Great customer service: Sometimes getting the right size sling bag may be confusing, but you needn’t worry because of the amazing customer service. They respond quickly and even exchange any faulty pieces as soon as possible.
  • Easy to wear: The Kangapooch dog carrier sling is easy to wear and remove. Furthermore, it is also easy to put your dog in and take out from the bag.
  • Right position: The sling is so designed that the dog is always nestled close to your torso at all times. This placing is essential for you to carry on with your routine work. Often sling bags hang down inconveniently hindering you from performing various tasks; that is not the case here.
  • Padded shoulder: Normally sling bags end up giving you a sore shoulder from the hours of wearing them. But this dog carrier sling has a padded shoulder which makes it comfortable to wear without hurting your shoulder.
  • Easy maintenance: You can’t expect your pet to be spick and span all the time; the bag will get dirty with use but you can machine wash it fairly easily. 

Kangapooch Small Dog Carrier (M)
  • Constructed with comfort, portability and sustainability in mind. FOR DOGS UP TO 10 LBS.
  • ***Sizing is for the human wearing the KANGAPOOCH, not the dog size. ***
  • Sizing dimensions based on chest measurements: XS-28"-32" S-32"-36" M-36"-40" L-40"-44"...

The not so great features of the Kangapooch Dog Carrier Sling

  • No Place to latch harness: It would have been convenient if there was a ring to latch the harness. It is helpful to ensure that the dog doesn’t jump out and run away and in the process hurt himself.
  • Shoulder strap is not adjustable: Even though the shoulder strap is padded and comfortable, it is not adjustable. This is an inconvenience, when you want a snugger fit and a more secure feeling.
  • Not attractive looking: The dog carrier sling has a blue denim shoulder and waist strap and the bag itself is in black. It is not stylish and doesn’t look cool. There are no other color choices too. Though the carrier is useful it is rather plain.

Why is this Kangapooch dog carrier sling better than the rest?

  1. This dog carrier sling is well designed and it holds the dog close to the torso unlike other slings which carry the dog quite low by the waist or the hips. As a result, those sling bags swing with movement and hence are not very secure.
  2. The bag is made of organic cotton which ensures that it is comfortable, sturdy and durable.

Final words

Investing in a dog carrier sling is probably one of the best decisions you might take for your small dog’s safety and comfort, especially while travelling. Be it a short trip in your car to the vet or a long flight trip, a carrier is helpful in more ways than one.

It is important that you pay attention to the make and type of the dog carrier sling you buy for your pet.

Ensure that the carrier is not cramped, has adequate ventilation and is secure with all latches working properly.

Keep in mind your budget and look out for discount at Amazon or other shops on the market. A little bit of research will show up the best price for a carrier that will suit your pet.

From the above review, it is obvious that the dog carrier sling from Kangapooch is affordable, easy to use and very comfortable for the owner and the dog.

Dog Carrier Sling
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