Dog Car Booster Seats | Review and Best Price – 2017

Why we need Dog car Booster seats?

Dogs are super smart and a wonderful pet. There is a reason dogs are called men’s best friend.

They provide therapeutically and health benefits to their owners. Our pets are the important part of our lives and we should not take any chance when it comes to their safety measures.

There are many dog owners who love to travel at different places along with their pets. Riding in a car along with a dog close by without the car booster is not only difficult but dangerous too for both of you.

It is our responsibility to make sure of their safety

Safety first and foremost is the mantra which should be followed by any person who drives. Your pet will be a danger of serious injuries if you do not provide sufficient protection for them when riding with them in a car.

Dog car booster seat is the option you should opt to ensure the safety of you pooch while traveling with them

It reduces their car anxiety or car sickness. To give your dog the harmless traveling options within your car, consider getting a quality dog seat with harness and seat belt accessory.

Petsfit 29"Lx16"Wx14"H Booster Seat Large,Lookout Car...
  • Dimension:29"Lx16"Wx14"H, for the color, you can have the picture for reference.
  • Plush liner is Removable and machine washable, light smooth side for hot days, dark fluffy side...

It raises dogs up high so that they can see outside of the car and better visibility often reduces car sickness for them.

There are few important reasons for you to buy the best car booster seat for your pooch:

  • Car seats are safety essential and it is your responsibility to keep them safe by buying the best product.
  • It reduces car sickness and anxiety. Happy pet means a happy owner.
  • It offers visibility for small dogs and is comfortable too
  • It encourages your pet to sit down and therefore safer in an impact or rough driving.

What are the Best Features?

Petsfit has a name in the market for making the best products for your pet. Their products are of high quality and can be easily bought from Amazon.

Petsfit booster seats are just the product you want to ensure the safety of your pooch in a car. This product incorporates many features and few are mentioned below:

  • Comfortable:

It has soft and comfortable pet seat or bed to reduce the anxiety in your pooch. It comes with adjustable connection strap which helps you fix it as per your requirement.

  • Affordable:

This product combines the best features of dog car booster seat and affordability. Buying a good car seat for your pet is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. Dog car booster seat should keep your pet safe and should not be heavy on your pocket too.

It is available on amazon and can be bought at its best price. Amazon provides you with different discounts and offers for you to buy the product at cheap price.

  • Easy to clean:

To keep your pet healthy it is important to keep the surroundings clean. Many pets often feel car sickness, this product helps in reducing it. Pets can be messy at times. It is important that your pet should not feel anxious and must be comfortable throughout the journey.

This product comes with plus liner which is removable and can be easily washed in the machine.

  • Tethers and padding:

It comes with tethers that can be attached to pet’s harness to secure them in the car seat. Not only that this product also allows you to keep small toys and treats for your pet in its side pockets.

What we didn’t like about it?

This product has all the features to make it a good option for a dog car booster seat. However, there is one thing which needs improvement and it is an instruction which comes with this seat. It is difficult to assemble it without proper instruction.

Instruction should be clearly mentioned along with the picture to make it easy to assemble. It should be a simple set-up and proper directions or instructions should be available on the internet too.

What makes it better than its competitors?

Features of this product make it stand out in the market.  It has a soft and comfortable pet seat and bed for your pet with easily removable plush liner. To keep your dog happy during traveling hour treats and small toys are essential, this product gives you the option to store them inside pockets. Along with that there are few factors which make this product better than its competitors:

  • Price:

Unlike dog car booster seats from other brands, this one does not burn a hole in your pocket. This product is reasonably priced which makes it perfect for your pet. It is not true to say that expensive is better always and this product is an example of that.

If you want the best price for this product then please refer to amazon. There are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. The product should be good and should be worth the value of your money.

Petsfit 29"Lx16"Wx14"H Booster Seat Large,Lookout Car...
  • Dimension:29"Lx16"Wx14"H, for the color, you can have the picture for reference.
  • Plush liner is Removable and machine washable, light smooth side for hot days, dark fluffy side...
  • Material Used:

Many brands available in the market does provide you with cheap products, however, compromise with its quality. Petsfit is known for using the high-quality material in their product. The fabric used in this dog car booster seat to make it comfortable is 600D*600D oxford cloth.

It has a zipper made of the metal slider and nylon teeth with 10000 times of durability. It is important that the material used in making dog car booster seats should be comfortable which will result in happy pet during traveling hours. A happy pet makes a happy owner.

  • Weather Compatible:

In comparison to many products on the market, this one gives you the value of your money. This product is made keeping in mind the requirement of your pet. It comes with reversible lining.

Lining used for this product can be used on hot days with its light and a smooth side. For cold days you can choose to use the dark and fluffy side to make your pet comfortable and happy in this dog car booster seat.

  • Size:

Unlike other products in the market, petsfit offers you different size car booster seats with amazing features. This dog car booster seat is ideal for small to medium dogs up to 45 pounds. Small one’s dimensions are 15″L*16″ W*14″H and larger one’s dimensions are 29″L*16″ W*14″H.

Final Thoughts:

Dog car seats are safety essential and we should choose the best one for our pet. It uses the vehicle seat belt technology of tightening when to break heavily applied.

You need to look for a car seat which is made of comfortable material. Placement of the car seat, padding and tethers are few important things to look for in dog car seats.

Buying the best product which ensures your pet’s safety and must be comfortable too seems a bit daunting experience

You should research well before deciding a product.

Pitsfit dog car booster seats are ideal for small dogs to medium dogs. It can easily accommodate a pet up to 45 pounds. This product is incorporated best features and not very expensive too.

One of the best points in purchasing this product through amazon is the best price. They produce the best quality product.

Petsfit adheres to Amazon return policy and takes full responsibility if you face any quality problem within 30 days of your purchase. You should not take tension if the product gets damaged during shipping period as they cover the cost for that.

Dog Car Booster Seats
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