Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – 2017 Review

If you have precious pets at home, one of your most significant buys would obviously be a dog bed.

Don’t you completely agree that your pet dog needs ultimate comfort and you need easy care and maintenance?

This is exactly why most dog owners look for the best orthopedic dog beds that are durable, easy to clean and absolutely comfortable for their pet.

However, most orthopedic pet beds seem to be too expensive for most of us?

Unable to stretch our budget, we tend to buy cheap dog beds.

These cheap dog beds are way less comfortable, have lower density foams, are not durable and end up making your pet cranky because of poor sleep.

You should ideally invest in a dog bed that serves all your purposes but stays within your budget

Does it sound like too much to ask for?

Worry not because the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge is here to suit all your needs from a dog bed and is also available at the best price!

The best orthopedic dog beds we came across:

The best orthopedic dog beds are your pet’s closest companion after you. They can stretch and laze around on them, nap on them and play on their own in their territory. The PetFusion dog bed does all that and more. It is by far the best dog bed on the market. Let us take a look at some of its best features.

PetFusion Ultimate Solid 4" Memory Foam Dog Bed for...
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: (i) SOLID 4 inch MEMORY FOAM base for superior overall comfort, reduced...
  • SMART DESIGN: (i) Base & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort. (ii) Water resistant &...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: (i) Removable cover is machine washable. (ii) Simple to spot clean & remove...
  • Components

This dog bed features premium quality components for the enhanced comfort of your pet. Its memory foam base is a solid 4 inches thick. Dog beds need to be thick and supportive without sinking in.

This bed has also been seen to reduce joint pains and improve the overall mobility of your pet. You might also notice better health and more energy from the time you start using the bed.

The bolsters of this dog bed can be recycled. These are green in color and come filled generously. The fabric is durable and comfortable; 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

  • Design

The dog bed has been intelligently designed, including the base and bolsters. The covers of the bed and bolsters are both water and tear resistant. The bottom is anti-skid and helps prevent accidents. The design is such that it can blend effortlessly with all kinds of décor.

  • Maintenance

The covers of the bed, base and bolsters are all removable and machine washable. This saves both time and energy in washing dirty or stained covers. The other important feature is how the fabric makes it easy for you to spot and remove hair that might have fallen off your dog.

  • Ideal For

This dog bed is ideal for medium or large dogs and even for multiple smaller dogs. Its dimensions are 36 x 28 x 9 inches. It can easily accommodate a weight of 100 pounds and slightly more.

  • Easy Assembly

This dog bed further makes things easy for you by being pretty easy to assemble. The bolsters arrive inside the fabric covers. You will simply need to insert memory foam base and close the zip.

  • Warranty

The dog bed comes along with a 12 month warranty on any part that might have been broken because of manufacturer’s defect.

PetFusion Ultimate Solid 4" Memory Foam Dog Bed for...
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: (i) SOLID 4 inch MEMORY FOAM base for superior overall comfort, reduced...
  • SMART DESIGN: (i) Base & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort. (ii) Water resistant &...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: (i) Removable cover is machine washable. (ii) Simple to spot clean & remove...

What we did not like about the dog bed

Quite a few users have reported on Amazon that this dog bed has a pretty thin fabric. If repeated washing is involved, it might not last as long.

Is this one of the best orthopedic dog beds – better than its competitors?

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge has been designed while keeping in mind an attractive and modern appeal that can blend in with all kinds of décor. While reviewing this product, we found out that it is way better than what its competitors have to offer. Let us take a look at how it makes a mark among hundred others.

  • Better quality

You can’t deny the fact that orthopedic dog beds in the same price range tend to offer uncomfortable fillings such as cedar chips and cotton batting. Some even add shredded and lower density foam to their base and bolsters.

You only end up with a restless pet because of lack of sleep. The PetFusion offers certified and high density memory foam that will stand the test of time.

  • Better design

It is not just a dog bed but way more than that. You could almost call it your dog’s lounge where it can laze around and nap on additional bolsters. Unlike other dog beds that are neither water resistant nor tear resistant, this one stands strong in the face of pet attacks. Pet dogs tend to start biting and tearing while they are at play.

While most dog beds would give way, the PetFusion is strong enough to endure all of that.

  • Hassle-free maintenance

How many times has your regular dog bed let you down? Whether it is about stains or dirt and dust mites; a regular dog bed tends to retain marks and stains. This one has removable and machine-washable covers that are pretty easy to clean.

Most dog bed covers tend to camouflage pet hair that stay behind and add to the dirt. This one makes it very easy for you to spot, remove and clean the bed.

Moreover, you can also get replacement covers for your dog bed at affordable prices if the original covers are beyond repair.

  • Multiple options

How many dog beds give you the opportunity to choose from multiple size options and colors? This dog bed does and lets you consider all your preferences and needs. You can take into consideration the factors like dimensions, sleeping positions, age and size of your pet while finalizing on the product.

  • Size

The fact that the PetFusion Ultimate pet bed can accommodate medium, large as well as multiple smaller dogs makes it hugely popular. It offers a kind of versatility that your regular dog bed will not. If you have more than one small dog, it becomes convenient to fit them in, without buying a separate dog bed for them.

  • Orthopedic care

If your dog is ailing or elderly, it will need a good amount of support from the mattress while sleeping. The PetFusion dog bed is essentially meant to provide orthopedic support and care to your pet. Its thick and supportive mattress is built for long-lasting comfort.

It has also been shown to relieve a wide range of problems like arthritis, joint pains, stiff muscles and hip dysplasia. The foam mattress does not sink but offers a contoured shape to your dog while sleeping. It will come back to its shape right after your dog leaves.

Final Thoughts

When you need the best orthopedic dog beds for your best companions, trust the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge to serve all your needs efficiently. You can trust this dog bed to take over your dog’s nap times while you are away.

You can always head over to Amazon and get discount and great deals in return. When it is about your pet, you cannot compromise on comfort and protection.

Moreover, you also need to add an element of style to the dog bed so that you as an owner feel good about keeping a pet. What could be better than a dog bed that is absolutely comfortable, easy to maintain and highly affordable?

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds
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