Best Dog Seat Covers | Cars, Trucs, SUV’s | 2017 Review

Dogs and kids have two things in common – they are very excitable and they can be messy.

Both these features can prove harmful to the interiors of your car, especially the car seats.

Therefore, to protect your car’s upholstery and save yourself a big chunk of money in refurbishing look out for dog seat covers.

Benefits of a dog seat cover

  1. It protects your expensive car seats from damage from dog bites, clawing, spills and stains.
  2. It makes your dog feel safe while inside a car.
  3. It makes cleaning the car really easy and you don’t have to worry about getting rid of unsightly stains.
  4. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals that leave behind a strong odor long after their work is done to get rid of stains on the seat cover.

How to choose the best dog seat cover

There are several brands of car seats on the market which makes it difficult to choose the best dog seat cover for your car. Your dog’s comfort and your sense of style are the major guiding factors in this aspect. In fact, there are several car seats which can be used as hammocks too for your pet.

Dog Seat Cover with Double Layer Waterproof, TaoTronics...
  • Fourfold Reinforced Slip-Proof DOG SEAT COVER: Grippy loop material on the back which tuck into...
  • Double Layer Waterproof and Reinforced Scratch-proof: heavy-weighted 4-layer design in...
  • Stain-proof PET SEAT COVER: Seat belt buckles opening and Velcro closure for it can prevent...
    • Where will you use it: A dog seat cover can be considered successful only if it fits perfectly. Hence, before you buy make sure you know for which seat you are buying the cover – is it the front seat or the rear. Have the exact measurements to get the perfect fit.
    • What is the material used: It is important that your dog feels comfortable sitting on the dog seat cover; the material plays a big role for that to happen. Ensure that the fabric is waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean.
    • Does it come with clips: You need good quality sturdy clips to hold the seat cover in place. You have to make sure that the clips don’t break too easily; Nylon clips are the best.
    • Does it have hammock feature: This feature is very important to prevent your dog from coming to the front if you place it in the back seat. So look for seat covers that can be converted to hammock when needed.

  • Durable: Make sure that the fabric is heavy duty and has a GSM of over 180. GSM (gram per square meter) is a measure of the toughness of the fabric used. Anything less can be given a miss.
  • Warranty: Ensure that the product comes with a decent warranty to cover any manufacturing defects.
  • Research: Always make sure you are buying from a reputable company with a good customer service to ensure that you are not left high and dry if things go wrong. Remember it is the safety of the pet and you and entire family if the product fails.

Here is a review of one of the best dog seat covers from TaoTronics. Without any more delay let us quickly check the pros and cons of this seat cover.

Best features of TaoTronics dog seat covers

  1. Size: The dog seat from TaoTronics is really huge and covers the full back seat completely.
  2. Four layer protection: Now you can protect your car seat from fur, mud, dirt, drool, spills and stains because the cover is reinforced with four layers of :
    1. Heavy duty water resistant oxford fabric as the first layer.
    2. Comfortable cotton to add softness to the cover.
    3. 100% heavy duty water proof middle layer which will ensure that no moisture seeps through to the car seat.
    4. Finally an anti slip bottom to ensure that the seat cover stays in place at all times. The cover does not slid of the leather seats.
  3. Stays in place: No matter how bumpy the ride, the seat will stay in place because of the
    1. Velcro strips: The seat belt buckle opening can be neatly closed by the Velcro strip. This allows easy access to the seat belt while at the same time prevents mess on the seat as the Velcro strip can be stuck together neatly and help to keep the cover in place.
    2. Seat anchors: They can be conveniently inserted into the crevices in the seat.
    3. Plastic hooks: There are four sets of durable plastic hooks which can be attached to the headrest of the front seat and the back seat.
  4. Dog Hammock style: The seat cover can be used as hammock also. This way you not only ensure that the dog doesn’t jump into the front seat, but you also protect the back of the front seat and the central console.
  5. Foldable: The cover can be neatly folded and stored.
  6. Easy maintenance: To keep the cover clean is a very simple and easy process. Just wipe with a wet cloth or rinse under water. You can vacuum it too.
  7. Easy to unbuckle: You can easily unbuckle the cover in less than 2 seconds to dust off any dirt, sand or remnants of food.
  8. Available in universal size: The dog seat cover fits all makes of cars and trucks and SUVs. Thanks to the Velcro, it even stretches a bit.
Dog Seat Cover with Double Layer Waterproof, TaoTronics...
  • Fourfold Reinforced Slip-Proof DOG SEAT COVER: Grippy loop material on the back which tuck into...
  • Double Layer Waterproof and Reinforced Scratch-proof: heavy-weighted 4-layer design in...
  • Stain-proof PET SEAT COVER: Seat belt buckles opening and Velcro closure for it can prevent...

Negative features

  1. Cover becomes very hot: The cover been dark colored gets heated up very quickly, making it uncomfortable after a period of time.
  2. Car cooling is an issue: When using as a hammock the AC vents get blocked. This prevents air circulation in the car. As a result the car takes longer to cool especially in the back seat.

Advantages over competition

The TaoTronics is one of the best dog seat covers because it is different in the following ways from other car seats.

  • Four layered: The seat cover has four layers of heavy duty material to protect your car seat from spills, stains, fur, dirt and grime. At the same time it ensures that your pet is comfortable.
  • Stays in place: often seat covers don’t remain in place and move with movement of a vehicle. But in the case of this seat cover from TaoTronics, it stays put. The four plastic hooks that connect it to the headrest in front and back and the anti slip bottom layer ensure that your pet doesn’t slide of the seat.
  • Opening for seat belt: This is a very functional design that ensures that while you use the seat belt, there is no gap around it. The Velcro closes around the buckle and ensures that no dirt accumulates.


If you love your dog and your dog loves to travel with you, then you need some protection for your car seats. And that is the reason there are several brands in the market that sell dog seat covers for your vehicles.

The TaoTronics dog seat cover is a blessing for many dog owners because it is easy to setup, durable and the best part is that it stays put.

The material is waterproof and can withstand most of your dog’s antics.

You can check on Amazon for any discount or any pet shop or automobile shop for the best price on this product.

Remember you can buy cheap stuff but there is no guarantee on the quality and durability of the dog seat cover. Therefore, it is wise to buy a seat which though a little expensive will protect your car seats and save you money on repairing damaged upholstery.

With the TaoTronics best dog seat covers your seats are protected from clawing, slobber and other not so nice things associated with your pet.

And the best part is the cover is good to protect your seats from your kids’ mess too.

Best Dog Seat Covers
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