The Best Dog Carriers | Review and Top Prices – 2017

When you travel, have you ever left your dog behind just because you did not have an option to conveniently carry him?

Then you would definitely know how painful it is to leave a dog behind.

With all the innovative pet gears available in the market, your dog can happily accompany you on your trips.

The common dog carriers are the standard box carriers. These are the ones that are great for air travels.

But when it comes to choosing the best dog carriers, those aren’t the only choices you get. There are various types of carriers which fit various modes of travel. This can make it both fun and safe for your canine friend.

  • Sling carrier: This is great for the smaller breeds. They can easily be carried in the sling. Smaller breeds love staying close to you. So having them on the sling can make them feel safe and happy.
  • Fabric basket carrier: For smaller and some medium sized dogs, the fabric carriers are good choices. Structured like the conventional box carriers yet easy to fold and store, these come in handy during travels.
  • Trailer carriers:These are cool options for the bikers with medium to large dogs. Attach the trailer to your bike, and you are good to go.
  • Basket carriers: Specially designed again for bikers, these can accommodate small to medium sized dogs.

Carriers aren’t just to help your dog feel safe. They also come in handy when you have to carry a sick dog or even when you have an old dog. So the moment you bring home a dog, hunt for the best dog carriers available on the market.

Here we are reviewing 3 dog carriers which are popular ones, also available at the best price on Amazon.

Now looking at the features of the three models in depth:

  1. Best dog carriers – Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer:

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer - Red / Black
  • Easily sets up and folds down for storage or transporting
  • Removable clear plastic cover for front door to protect your pet from weather
  • Mesh zippered front and back door for quick and easy loading/unloading

This is a lightweight trailer which can conveniently accommodate even a large dog. The maximum weight of the dog can go up to 33lbs. The trailer can also be folded easily and stored in a compact space. With large 20” wide tires, it offers extra grip on the roads.

The length of the trailer is also just right to offer enough stability. The steel frame construction offers excellent build quality. This also makes this product a durable one available at the best price.

The rear and front mesh doors offer ventilation for your dog. The polyester body of the trailer is also water-proof. There is an additional plastic sheet on the front door. This detachable sheet come in handy if you wish to add an extra layer of protection from the external elements on the front.

There is a leash hook to fasten your leash. Though compact on the outside, the trailer is quite roomy on the inside. The inner cavity measures (LxWxH) 31”x22”25”. This can make your dog feel comfortable.

Initially, the polyester smell might seem a bit too strong as it is the predominant material in the trailer. It fades away with few washes. Adding a soft cushioning on the floor of the trailer would also make it less slippery for smaller dogs in particular.

  1. Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag (Black)
  • Create an extra seat on your ATV
  • Seat area is comfortably padded and extra-large
  • 3 large storage compartments

Bike trailers, conventional dog carriers are all quite common. But can you carry your dog along when you go on an adventure ride in an ATV? You can with this Padded seat from Coleman.

Besides offering a comfortable seat for your dog, it also comes with extra storage space. What more would you want from an ATV gear? The seating area is pretty large. This offers enough room for accommodating medium to most large sized dogs.

The padding ensures that your pet stays comfortable even on a bumpy ride. There are pockets to hold your water bottle. To quickly stash your essentials, there are bungee fasteners on the top.

The seat is made of a water repellent polyester fabric. The heavy duty material is also strong to withhold wear and tear.This can also resist scratches and tears. Zippered compartments to hold more essentials, mesh pocket for quick storage, this is a complete versatile package.

It is easy to strap to the rear of your ATV. It stays there with great stability to offer a worry free ride for you and your dog. This multi-purpose padded ATV seat can be bought at a great discount on Amazon.

  1. Ultimate Small Dog Carrier Sling By Kangapooch

Kangapooch Small Dog Carrier (M)
  • Constructed with comfort, portability and sustainability in mind. FOR DOGS UP TO 10 LBS.
  • ***Sizing is for the human wearing the KANGAPOOCH, not the dog size. ***
  • Sizing dimensions based on chest measurements: XS-28"-32" S-32"-36" M-36"-40" L-40"-44"...

Smaller pets do not like to be left alone for a long time. This means that the conventional carriers might not be the best options for smaller breeds of dogs. When you are on a vacation, exploring a new city all day long, you would be looking for some convenient way to take your pet along.

Carrying him in a rucksack might be an easy option. But this might not be the most comfortable place for him, especially for an all day long tour. This is when this carry sling comes in handy.

Made of soft breathable material, this sling is easy to maintain. This would also prevent your dog from feeling hot inside the sling. There is no chemical odor like you get in the case of polyester carriers.

Wearing the sling is as easy as putting on your backpack. Strap it on your shoulder and place your pooch and you are good to go. He too can enjoy all the great views the entire trip.

What’s more, the sling can easily be folded and stashed in your travel bag. Compact storage is something that would be really essential during a travel.With your dog conveniently in his home, your handsfree you can both enjoy the trip.

An added advantage of this sling is the price- you can buy cheap from Amazon.

Model name Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer


Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag


Ultimate Small Dog Carrier Sling By Kangapooch
Ideal for Medium to large dogs (up to 66lbs) Medium to large Small dogs (up to 12lbs)
Mode of travel Bike ATV Suitable to carry your pup all day long



The Best Dog Carriers
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