Washable Dog Beds | Best Review and Good Prices – 2017

Orthopedic Dog Beds are those that will have minimum 2 inches of foam or any other soft material to accommodate the pressure points of the dog’s body where there are bone protrusions.

In particular, a memory foam or similar kind of fibre fill is required for a sick or aged dog to relieve the pain and trauma in the pressure points while he/she lies down.

Therapeutic beds should also be easy to maintain and cleaning should be easy.

There are no hard and fast rules for an orthopedic dog bed. But considering the thickness of the bed, its size and maintainability are important aspects while choosing the bed.

The Dog’s Memory Bed from The Dog’s Ball is specifically made for senior dogs who suffer from conditions like Arthritis, Other joint problems, Hip Dysplasia, Generalized muscle loss due to old age, Bone injuries, Soft tissue injuries and have had surgeries.

Here are some of the highlights of the product:

    • The bed is made of soft material that moulds to the dog’s body by evenly distributing the body weight and returns to its original shape after the dog leaves.
    • The material is viscoelastic. It is soft and very comfortable for the dog. It has been tested and found that memory foams are the most comfortable and offers high level of support to the dogs. If you dog is kind to their sleeping place, then it is worth investing in memory foam. Even if the dog is a chewer, replacement covers are available.
    • This washable dog bed has a cover that is both waterproof and machine washable. As doctors advise replacing the pet’s bed when it is depressed/flattened or acquires an odour, it is best to have a washable bed like this product so that it can be cleaned whenever there is a bad odour.

Best Features of the Washable Dog Beds

While reviewing dog beds, there are few important and key features to look for.

  • Comfort of the Bed
  • Material used
  • Quality and Durability
  • Maintenance of the Bed
  • Available Sizes

The Dog’s Memory Bed has also been reviewed based on the above aspects and here are the key features of this product which makes it stand out among the crowd.

Memory Foam: The most preferred material for a dog’s orthopedic bed is the memory foam. This is because it conforms to the body the best.

This product makes use of memory foam that will contour to all the nooks that are different for different types of dogs. While memory foam is soft for the tired body, it also doesn’t wear out easily. The memory foam used in this product is a premium grade, high quality, luxury foam and provides a uniform and contour-balanced support to the dog.

Quality: The material is medical grade and provides excellent support for older dogs. Not only for older dogs, but it is suitable for all dogs irrespective of age, especially for those who love to laze and stretch out.

Maintenance: The fabric used in the bed is hypoallergenic Oxford fabric. Also, the waterproof and machine washable removable cover protects the bed from issues like incontinence. The fabric is also resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites. If the cover wears out or if the dog is chewy, replacement covers are available. It is so easy to maintain that it can even be used outdoors.

Available Sizes: The Bed is available in three different sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Medium – 34*22*4 Bed

Large – 40*25*6 Bed

XL – 46*28*6 Bed

Size of the bed is an important feature because dogs with orthopaedic or neurological conditions need beds that are suitably sized for them so that they need not curl and put pressure on their joints and soft tissues. That is why, this product is available in three different sizes.

Colour: The bed is available in two colours – Grey and Black.

Negative Points

The product is certainly the best in terms of usage. But there are certain factors that might not be liked by few dogs who are so sensitive. So, make a note of these points before buying this product for your furry friend.

  • As the bed is waterproof, it is a bit stiff and loud if walked on. Some dogs might find this a bit uncomfortable during the first few uses.
  • This bed is best suited for dogs that are under 30-50 lbs but for dogs above that weight range, one need to check out the dog’s comfort before buying one. But again, it depends on how the dogs feel.
  • The cover is sometimes slippery and an extra fabric cover might be necessary to make it less slippery.

Advantages over Competition

This bed is probably one of the best comfortable orthopaedic beds with waterproof material. Here’s why it is considered to be more advantageous than other dog beds on the market.

  • The bed is made of solid foam. It makes use of memory foam which is the best material preferred for orthopaedic beds. But as memory foam softens with body heat, and it would be like sleeping in quick sand, the 2” memory foam is used on 2” (for medium size)/4” (for large and Extra Large size) premium base foam for firmer support.
  • The memory foam’s quality is very impressive and it seems to last for a long time than the other beds in competition.
  • While medium and large size caters to the normal sized dogs, the Extra-Large size is specifically designed for large, heavier dogs.
  • As the bed is firm and dense, it is not easy for the dogs to destroy the bed. Also, the waterproof cover provides the necessary protection to the foam from getting wet due to incontinence. There are other beds in the market that easily get damaged due to these factors.
  • The comfort factor is high as the bed has a lot of room for the dogs to stretch out.
  • Another factor worth mentioning is the maintenance. In addition to the cover being machine washable, it is also easy to maintain as the bed can be cleaned with just a wipe of a cloth.


There are a wide range of orthopedic dog beds on the market to choose from.

But you, as an owner, is the one to choose the most suitable bed for your dog. The prices of these beds vary and mostly depend on the size and structure of the beds. These beds are available in Amazon with the best price tag. The Dog’s Bed is available in three sizes – Medium, Large and X-Large as per your pet’s size.

Choosing a dog bed depends upon the size of the dog – small or big breed, whether he needs a bed only for comfort or for therapeutic support and also, depends on the budget of the owner.

Do not buy cheap products on the market. This amazing high quality product can be bought in discounted rate in Amazon.

All dogs would love to have their own bed so that they can have a place to rest. Make sure to pick the Dog’ Memory Bed for your furry friend that is of high quality and correct size. There are also multiple colour options available that suits your dog and home. If your dog is having health issues, then this bed is a must at your home for providing the required comfort for your pet. He is certainly going to love it!


Washable Dog Beds
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